Thursday, February 4, 2010

scarecrow from the wizard of oz

My old portfolio spilled out onto the ground, and staring up at me from the pile of papers was an old gouache painting of the scarecrow. I decided to have another go at him. This is what I have so far. Whaddayathink? This eventually will get a good inking.

Stay tuned! More to come! Next will be the other characters in the story. Tin Man, Dorothy, Toto...


  1. Absolutely elegant line work, Mister Gorthey. Love his forced awkward-arch posture, the detail in his 'hands', torn pants, dead tree. Gentle technical sensitivty... your skills are gorgeous, friend. You know I have a bias towards pencil work.


    Hope you're enjoying this as much as it looks like you are!

  2. Y'know, despite this poor fellow being hung from a lonely tree, this is one of your liveliest drawings that I've seen. Everything from his vacant (but pleading :( ) expression to the tree and the grass, it all seems alive. It tells a story. A very sensitive drawing. :)